Chamber music

aer duo

Aer Duo is an accordion & saxophone duo formed in 2017 while being Klangforum Wien alumni.

While pursuing their Masters’ Degree, they focused themselves in the interpretation of new music and the collaboration with young composers. Because of their interest in the exploration of instrumental possibilities, they devoted their efforts to the study of contemporary chamber repertoire.

Aer has been invited to concerts/ festivals in Spain and Austria (Musik in Krumegg 2018, Impuls-MinutenKonzert 2018, NueBo Festival 2018, Mute 2019, Mute 2020), prize winners of international competition (2º – Recre@ Competition 2018) and they have been worked with composers as Simon-Steen Andersen, César Camarero, Francisco Martín-Quintero or Victor Estapé.

Aer presents this aesthetic tendency to the audience through their particular approach to sound.


ANEXAS – Professional Saxophone Ensemble based in Seville.

She had played with others international ensembles as Ensemble Wien-Zürich, Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra, PPCM/Klangforum Alumni Ensemble, Ensemble Nacional Músax and others.


Spectre Quartet was formed in fall 2016 in the musical core of Europe, Vienna.

The four members of Spain (Patricia Coronel-Aviles & David Delgado-Martinez), Chile (Alvaro Collao Leon) and Austria (Georg Palmanshofer) converged in the capital for their studies with renowned musicians and educators.

The four strong personalities, with diverse cultural as well as musical background are united by their common interest and high individual artistic quality. Through this diversity and know-how their interpretations of classical repertoire, transcription of all epochs and styles plus contemporary music gain a unique character, respecting the original style of every piece and at the same time giving performances their personal and fresh touch. Collaborations with composers and interdisciplinary projects reflect their aim to connect music of our time with the classical audience.

The intention of the Spectre Saxophone Quartet is to establish stronger the saxophone in the classical music scene by showing the diversity of sound and expressivity of the formation and attracting audiences of all kinds through a various repertoire .